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Troxy Games

Troxy Bot : A Discord Verified bot that has useful and distinctive features and you can add it


Prefix: ! (Customizable)

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Support Server

Troxy Games

  • A Verified discord bot that gives your discord server a nice Touch by making events & many other things + Daily Updates Almost Every Day!

Others Commands

  • !ping To see how fast the bot is connected
  • !bot To see information about the bot
  • !invite To add the bot to your server.
  • !set-prefix To Set a Custom Prefix For your own server

Ranks Commands

  • !profile To find out about your profile
  • !gtop to know the best players on all the servers
  • !ابلاغ To report a bot error.
  • !top To find out the best players in the server

Games Commands

  • !اسرع Fastest writing
  • !فكك Unpack the word
  • !ترجمة Translate the words
  • !اعلام name flags
  • !شعار Logo name
  • !ايموجي emojis

Fun Commands

  • !yesno Ask the bot and he answers you with yes/no
  • !ct Cut tweets
  • !slots Random fruits
  • !حجرة,!ورقة,!مقص A challenge by hands.
  • !aki Blue genie
  • !rpc Challenge Your Friend in a Rock Paper Scissors Challenge