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Professional Sharing Servers


Prefix: : (Customizable)

Votes: 38

Status: ONLINE


! Youssef Over#0007


Support Server

A Bot That You Can Share Your Server Through Every 2 Hours For Free.

Prefix: :


:help | For View Commands List

:invite | Invite The Bot In Your Server

:vote | Vote For Bot

:support | Support Server

:bot | To View Info Of Bot

:share | To Share Your Server

:channel | To Setup Shareing Channel

:desc | To Setup Description For Your Server

:banner | To Setup Banner For Your Server

:type | To Setup Type For Your Server

:types | To View Types

:color | To Setup Embed Color For Your Server

:prefix | To Change The Bot Prefix (VIP)

:reset | To Reset Server Settings

:reset channel | To Reset Sharing Channel Setting (VIP)

:reset desc | To Reset Description Setting

:reset banner | To Reset Banner Setting

:reset type | To Reset Type Setting

:reset color | To Reset Color Setting

:reset prefix | To Reset Prefix Setting

:preview | To View Sharing Settings For Your Server

:server | To View Settings For Your Server

:vip | For Add VIP Server (VIP)

Translation into Arabic πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¦%0A%0A%3Areset%20desc%20%7C%20To%20Reset%20Description%20Setting%0A%0A%3Areset%20banner%20%7C%20To%20Reset%20Banner%20Setting%0A%0A%3Areset%20type%20%7C%20To%20Reset%20Type%20Setting%0A%0A%3Areset%20color%20%7C%20To%20Reset%20Color%20Setting%0A%0A%3Areset%20prefix%20%7C%20To%20Reset%20Prefix%20Setting%0A%0A%3Apreview%20%7C%20To%20View%20Sharing%20Settings%20For%20Your%20Server%0A%0A%3Aserver%20%7C%20To%20View%20settings%20For%20Your%20Server%0A%0A%3Avip%20%7C%20For%20Add%20VIP%20Server%20(VIP)&op=translate)